Brand New Season!

Our Fall 2015 Season is going to be the best season yet!

12 teams, 3 leagues, hockey for anyone at all levels!

For more information contact our league Commish here!


Playoffs tonight!

First and foremost, let’s all give congrats to our 2015 Summer Season II statistical winners!

Leading Scorers
1. Garo Kalpakjian       5g 16a 21pts
2. Bill Wyman (C)       18g 2a 20pts
3. Tony Morrone       8g 10a 18pts

Last season’s Goon Award recipient won this season’s scoring title! Whaaaaaaat, congrats Garo! Also the Playmaker Award goes to Garo with 16 assists, and the Goal Scoring Title goes to Billy with 18 goals!

Brandon Mauriello       4.45gaa

This one came down to the last game, with Brandon barely edging Kenny by two goals!

Save %
Kenny Heim       .869sv

What can we say? His chest is literally the size of the side of a barn.

This seasons Goon Award goes to…..
Michael Cooper       8pims

AND he only played half the games!


8:15pm: Tampa Bay Jaguars vs. Miami Buccaneers
9:15pm: Jacksonville Dolphins vs. Winner of 8:15 game


congrats b league


So about 6 mins into the championship match some overly sassy young lads mistook our rec league game for game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Butts were hurt, punches were thrown, and the game was cancelled.



I can’t tell you how disappointed I am by all this. I’ve been a part of this league from its inception, and to see people act so selfishly, so stupidly, its just blows my mind. Do you even stop to think that your teammates are the ones suffering your thoughtless and empty bravado? You have done nothing but ruin what was going to be a fun and entertaining game.