Stats and Standings Updated!


Stats and standings updated!

Lets take a look at the movers and shakers in the THL on…..


In D1 action the Liberty moved into first place over the Mystics with a close 4-3 win, but the struggle for the the best record is still close with only 2 points separating first and third.

Angel “The Blessed” Blanco(15pts) jumped into second place in D1 scoring, trailing Casey “Sir Snipes” Davis(19pts) by 4 points. The patented Kyle Harmer Method for Effective Playmaking was in full effect by Blanco, seeing that he has brought a lady friend to each game. Teammates Billy Wyman and Hunter Wild bro hug into third and fourth with 12 points and Johnny Congemi, John Yohe, and Brad “Brochacho” Montalbano are all tied for 5th with 9pts.

In goalie news, Kenny and I continue to duke it out every game….. mano a mano…. well not hand to hand, but you know, like pucks to gloves? I dunno man #blamejameis

In D2 action the Mercury rebound from the week 3 debacle to take sole possession of first place, but the race is still tight with only 4 points separating first from fourth.

Sean Ingram(14pts) maintains a slim lead over Lee Whitmire(13pts), while Zach Duerring hangs in third with 10pts. Rounding out the top 5 is Nick Cittadino and Chris Barkve with 9pts each.

In D2 goaltending we had significantly less flipped nets this week. Johnny Yohe gave a valiant performance playing second base in net, while Adam Hyman fought off a barrage of shots from the top two teams. I also got to make a cameo in one period.

Also we had a Seabass sighting this week! WOOOOO