2014 THL Summer Season Playoffs

Games for Wednesday, July 30th:

Game 1: D1 Semi-final 8pm: Neptunians vs. Saturnians
Game 2: D2 Semi-final 9pm: Venustians vs. Mercurians
Game 3: D1 Championship 10pm: Plutonians vs. Winner of Game 1
Game 4: D2 Championship 11pm: Jovians vs. Winner of Game 2

Good Luck to all teams!!

Week 9 Game Times!

If you still owe money, please bring it tonight. Thank you.

Stats are updated for D1, running out of time to update D2, but they will get updated!

Games for Wednesday, July 23rd:

8pm: Mercurians vs. Jovians
9pm: Venustians vs. Martians
10pm: Neptunians vs. Saturnians
11pm: Plutonians vs. Uranians

Week 7 Game Times!!!!


If you owe money, BRING IT TONIGHT!!! Please and thank you.
Games for Wednesday, July 9th:
8pm: Venustians vs. Jovians
9pm: Martians vs. Mercurians
10pm: Plutonians vs. Saturnians
11pm: Uranians vs. Neptunians