The Washington Mystics – 2014 Fall Season CHAMPS

2014 Fall Season Champs

The Washington Mystics

David James Coolbaugh
Oscar Teran
Brad Monte
Michael Cooper
Angel Blanco
Emily Baxter
Chris Johnson
Brannon Solomon (G)


In the most dramatic of dramatic fashion, the Mystics won the 2014 Fall Championship in epic shootout fashion against the Liberty. Now I’m not sure who scored all the goals (since somehow for the first time ever since I’ve been the stats man the stats weren’t being kept till the 2nd period), but I just want to say that I’m proud of all the these guys for playing so hard and getting me my first ever Bisbing Box! WOOOO

Great final, great season, I hope everyone had fun this season and be sure to sign up for our winter season!


2014 Fall Season PLAYOFFS!


It’s that time of the year again… What time? PLAYOFF time!!!

THL Fall 2014 playoff schedule:

8pm: D1 Semi-final: 2nd – LA Sparks vs. 3rd – Washington Mystics
9pm: D2 Semi-final: 2nd – Indiana Fever vs. 3rd – Phoenix Mercury
10pm: D1 Championship: 1st – NY Liberty vs. Winner of 8pm game
11pm: D2 Championship: 1st – Seattle Storm vs. Winner of 9pm game

Good Luck to all the teams!!

FINAL 2014 Fall Season Stats!


Time to hand out some statistical awards!

D1 Statistical Awards

Top Snipers:
1. Casey Davis – 25 goals
T-2. Bill Wyman – 18 goals
T-2. Hunter Wild – 18 goals
3. Johnny Yohe – 16 goals

Play Maker:
T-1. Casey Davis – 16 assists
T-1. Russel Furman – 16 assists
2. Bill Wyman – 13 assists
3. John Yohe – 10 assists

The Golden Stick:
1. Casey Davis – 41 points
2. Bill Wyman – 31 points
3. Hunter Wild – 27 points

The GOON Award:
Hunter Wild – 10 penalty minutes

D2 Statistical Awards

Top Snipers:
1. Sean Ingram – 27 goals
2. Nick Cittadino – 11 goals
T-3. Chris Barkve – 10 goals
T-3. Zach Duerring – 10 goals

Play Maker:
1. Lee Whitmire – 17 assists
2. Mike Salancy – 9 assists
3. Michael Ingram – 8 assists

The Golden Stick:
1. Sean Ingram – 33 points
2. Lee Whitmire – 26 points
3. Nick Cittadino – 18 points

The GOON award:
Scott Prentice – 10 penalty minutes



It’s goin down!! Tallahassee Hockey League’s first ever All-Star game is tonight at 5:30pm. There will be plenty of action and the best part is it’s FREE to come watch!!!

Here are the official rosters:

Bill Wyman (C)
Casey Davis (A)
Hunter Wild
Max Galiana
Oscar Teran
Pat Morrone
Russel Furman
BJ Solomon (G)

Angel Blanco
Brad Montalbano (A)
Johnny Congemi
John Yohe
Nick Gardiner
Ryan Smith (C)
Thomas Yamashita
Kenny Heim (G)